Moving Your Art? We Transport Art Save and Secure! |
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Moving your Art? Yellow Move is the expert!

Packaging is a skill!

For over 32 years we move complete inventories of household goods for top business employees, ambassadors, top athletes, artists and wealthy individuals. Household goods which always contains unique collections, art, antiques, jewelry or other valuables.


Yellow Move has a separate service for packing and transporting art or other valuables or special equipment. Whether it is a single piece of Chinese Ming porcelain, a painting of Vincent van Gogh, a Mondrian or eggs of Fabergé. Goods can be transported as special transport, but also on part load basis with other goods, which might save costs on the transportation.


Regularly, the knowledge and service of Yellow Move is hired alongside traditional movers to pack valuables so that damage is almost impossible during normal transport. Whether this is art transport by air, road or sea, we do it globally.


Knowledge is power

We have the exact knowledge and packing materials to pack and protect any kind of object. Our people are highly experienced, qualified, and all in possession of a certificate of good conduct and speak the modern languages. We, Yellow Move Fine Art, have all necessary licenses and qualifications.



Clients are; private individuals, business people, art auctions, companies, artists, exhibitions, collectors, heirs, etc. We always work anonymous, discrete and 100 percent based on trust!


A mobile safe deposit box!

Our vehicles are without any advertisements and have extra secured locks. They meet the highest security classes, have track and trace and several GPS transmitters. Our loading space is heated and our vehicles are always parked secured under the supervision of our drivers.


Complementary services

If required, we take pictures of the goods to be packed and we can hang or place the goods. We arrange all necessary permits, customs documentation and insurance. The storage of goods is double secured in climate-controlled secured containers or crates which are all provided with movement detection and heat sensors with GPS transmitters, so that the goods can be separately monitored in the warehouse.