International Moving

To or from any country on the world

With over 30 years moving experience in logistic services, we have become the partner in international moving. The principals of Yellow Moving are very diverse: from private individuals who are moving internationally, to expats, diplomats, international organizations, multinational corporations and other organizations worldwide.


The organizations that we are moving for internationally cannot be compared. This demonstrates our flexibility. From kindergarten to a complete office, a single painting to a complete household goods inventory of an ambassador. Yellow Move is the international mover, which provides tailor made, transparent and reliable moves. Hassle free moving is where Yellow Move stands for!


Expert in procedures, customs clearance and documentation
We are also expert in customs clearance rules and regulations worldwide. Due to our extensive global experience, in international removals and transportation, we know the ins and outs and pitfalls of each country worldwide. Personal counseling, preventive action to avoid surprises at destination, is our added value.


Professional guidance in international moving

Moving abroad or moving back to the Netherlands privately? Moving as expat to a new work location? Moving complete office inventory to another office? A valuable article shipping internationally? Yellow Move has 30 years international logistic experience for all disciplines. Therefore is your international move in good hands with Yellow Move. Transparent and reliable, always tailor made moving solutions.

International relocation destinations

Yellow Move has worldwide experience in international household goods moving. From and to any place in the world. Whether it involves a complete removal or a single piece, we are, for example, specialized in international relocation solutions to: