Moving to China

Emerging expat-country: moving to China

Asia has developed strongly over the past decade. As well as technologically, economically and prosperity wise. Moving into China has therefore became one of the top 10 destinations for expats in the recent years. When talking about international moves, China is now one of the most popular destinations. This is not surprising: the Chinese love to learn and learn very quick from the Western engineers, economists and other specialists. Yellow Move is has a reason for having done dozens of relocations to China in the recent years!


A whole scheme comes with a move to China. A move to another continent provides much documentation as there are no open borders. Both for goods and people there are many different documents and insurances that have to be arranged. Fortunately Yellow Move knows exactly what and how this is done. We relieve you by controlling your entire relocation to China!


Moving to China is the most popular of Asia

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. And China is the biggest country of the continent. Therefore there are several corners where Dutch relocate. A top destination, which is not covered by China, is moving to Singapore. But also in China itself, several cities are very popular to relocate.


Popular cities to relocate within China:

  • Moving to Shanghai
  • Moving to Beijing
  • Moving to Tianjin
  • Moving to Guangzhou
  • Moving to Shenzhen
  • Moving to Wuhan