Moving to England

Moving to England, arranged by us?

Do you have plans to move to England soon? Maybe you have to make a business move to England? Or are you just chasing your dreams in the country of the Union Jack? An international move is not a decision you take overnight. A lot has to be arranged: from insurances to the moving of your car(s). And then, do you want to buy or rent a house in England? Yellow Move helps you with all of these decisions and documentations. Due to our decades of experience in moving to England, we know exactly what is awaiting you.


Since the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, a lot has been changing. For example: there is no free moving of goods and persons anymore. This has a lot of consequences for moving to England. Accountability forms have to be filled in for everything now. Therefore, a checklist with everything that has to be done is an advantage. Fortunately, the movers of Yellow Move are pleased to assist you with this major step in your life. We can arrange everything for you, from forms to the move itself and the design of your new home. This all in order so you can focus on the design of your new life!


Popular places to move to England

The United Kingdom is a popular place for Dutch expats to relocate, which are stationed by international companies in one of the leading countries of the West. It is also very common for students to move to England to study at the University of Cambridge or Oxford. In short, you moving to England can be because of many reasons. Whatever the reason is, Yellow Move takes care of you in your move to England. Scilicet, we are YOUR moving manager who takes care of everything!


Some of the popular places where to be relocated in England:

  • Moving to London
  • Moving to Manchester
  • Moving to Cambridge
  • Moving to Oxford
  • Moving to Liverpool
  • Moving to Southampton
  • Moving to Sheffield
  • Moving to Brighton