Moving to Japan

Moving to Japan with Yellow Move

Moving to Japan is a major, but also very challenging step. Another continent, another culture and another language. Such an international move comes with a huge to-do list. But Yellow Move offers a solution! Our decades of experience in international expat relocations, we know exactly which required documentation, customs clearance, insurance, customs clearance and cultural affairs are needed in Asia.


Our moving checklist already gives a partial insight in the necessary things. Thanks to our experience with moving to Asia, we are informed of all applicable regulatory processes. What do you think, for example, of the rules concerning the moving of goods? Moving your car? And ensuring the move? All of this are known by the movers of Yellow Move and we will arrange this for you in a jiffy. We also know the best local partners, to ensure that your belongings arrive safely and complete at your new home. In short, careless moving to Japan is done with Yellow Move!


Moving to Japan for business moves and private moves

Japan is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The country is also one of the figureheads of Asia, with a huge developed industrial and technology sectors. Moving to Japan is therefore predominantly done for business, as an expat or business relocation with a European office.


Yellow Move has done, in its more than 30 years of experience in the moving industry, many relocations to and from Japan. Therefore we know exactly what is involved in moving to Japan.


The most popular relocation destinations within Japan:

  • Moving to Tokyo
  • Moving to Osaka
  • Moving to Yokohama
  • Moving to Fukuoka
  • Moving to Nagoya
  • Moving to Hiroshima
  • Moving to Sendai