Moving to Luxembourg

Moving to one of the smallest countries of Europe: Luxembourg!

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries of Europe, but that does not mean that the relocation to Luxembourg is any easier than a relocation to another country. Yellow Move has over 30 years of experience with international relocations, and thus knows exactly what needs to be done and what is needed for moving to Luxembourg.


Yellow Move: your partner for your international move to Luxembourg

An international relocation, like moving to Luxembourg, requires a lot of work. Loads need to be arranged, like insurances, various documents and for example the transport of your car(s). Luckily does Yellow Move know what is needed in order to move to Luxembourg, and how an international move has to go. When you are moving to Luxembourg with Yellow Move, you will not have any concerns. Yellow Moves takes care of your international relocation to Luxemburg!
Luxembourg is in size and population not very large, but that does not mean that nothing happens and that nothing can be done in Luxembourg. Popular destinations to relocate to within Luxembourg are:


  • Luxembourg-City
  • Clervaux
  • Wiltz
  • Echternach