Moving to Russia

Moving to Russia: a big step for you, a small one for us

Would you like to or are you soon moving to Russia? In that case, it is very important to be well prepared and coordinated to make this step. There is a lot involved in international moving, and especially when outside Europe. How, for example, does it work with inscriptions in the country and city? How to insure? Do you have a checklist? And how do you move your car? The movers of Yellow Move are for over 30 years specialized in international moving, moving home or business. We know the answers to the questions and arrange your entire relocation to Russia, from documentation to customs clearance and transportation.


The Yellow Move relocation specialists pack your belongings safe and protected in, we possibly store (certain) goods temporarily and transporting it to the desired date for your new shelter in Russia. So, no need to worry about moving to Russia, and you can focus on the hunt for your dream home and a new school for the children, this is important as a busy expat. Therefore the movers of Yellow Move are your perfect moving partners for a move to the land of the Tsars, tundra and Troika’s!


Moving to Russia offers many possibilities!

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. Russia has a large industry and is one of the international world leaders. Russia also has an ancient culture and many attractions. Above that: the nature offers different extremes; Mediterranean beaches, to Antarctic mountains. In short, the opportunities in Russia are very diverse. Therefore, moving to Russia is very different.


There are people who make a business move to Russia, to the big cities. But adventurers move to Russia for the beautiful nature or to start a new life with new ideas. Yellow Move has helped both categories regularly with moving to Russia. We are very experienced and know all the obstacles.


The most popular relocation destinations in Russia are:

  • Moving to Moscow
  • Moving to Saint Petersburg
  • Moving to Murmansk
  • Moving to Vladivostok
  • Moving to Kazan
  • Moving to Rostov
  • Moving to Volgograd