Moving to Singapore

Moving to Singapore, the number 1 expat city!

Are you moving to Singapore for business? Have you, as an expat, gotten a new job in Singapore? Or you are enchanted by the beauty of Asia? Singapore is the number one expat destination in the world! Due to its central location, the international harbor and English as their main language, Singapore is the gateway to Asia and vice versa. All major Western and Asian companies aren’t located in Singapore for no reason. Yellow Move knows this better than anyone, because we take care of dozens of moves to Singapore a year!


Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but also one of the most prosperous countries in the world! With its excellent infrastructure and medical facilities, Singapore is as a Western country in Asia. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and with its many cultures it is a very exciting surrounding. If you are not an expat or moving because of business, Singapore is a private captivating destination for international moving too. Therefore, most of the international moves go to Singapore. And Yellow Move can fully relieve the procedures and transport for moving to Singapore!


Moving to Singapore, be well prepared

Moving to Singapore comes with quite a list of things that have to be done. Because it is a different continent, much must be arranged when talking about customs clearance and customs formalities. Despite the fact that Singapore is a true expat destination, 95% of the population is not local, these obstacles remain there. Fortunately Yellow Move knows all these formalities and we can arrange this for you so you can move careless to Singapore!


Are you going to work in Singapore? Please be aware that a permit for working in Singapore must be arranged. Also, keeping track of your personal documents is very important, as well as insurances of your move and your own. More tips can be found in our moving checklist. Yellow Move allows you to be informed of any procedure which must be completed and advises you the best as possible. Therefore, Yellow Move is your relocation specialist for your relocation to Singapore!