Moving a car with Yellow Move

Safely moving your car with our expertise!

Moving your car can be financially attractive. Especially if the employer pays for the car transportation, in particular by moving international. Usually exporting a car is no problem. However, it is advised to check in advance what the technical requirements in the country of destination will be, whatever the extra transport costs are and what the import regulations and requirements are to avoid paying duties, taxes or any other local additional charges.


Each country has its own rules and regulations for importing and customs clearance a car. Moving a car requires therefore knowledge of a specialist. In addition, regularly rules and regulations are changing, so the expertise of Yellow Move movers is the solution!


On our ‘Moving Checklist’ you will find several tips for moving in general. We can also provide you tips for moving a car with a detailed quote and transportation advise. Click on the button below and you can download the ‘Car Details Sheet’. After receipt of a completed filled in sheet and your wishes, we will advise you soon with the possibilities and detailed advise.


Several ways of moving a car

Moving by road

Within Europe, a car can be moved together with the household goods in the moving truck or the mover can drive the car behind the moving truck to his destination.
Another option is to let the car be transported by a specialized car transportation company. However, date(s) and or time(s) of pickup and delivery are not guaranteed. Specialized car transportation companies load several cars with different destinations per trip. Which option will suit you depends on the needs and budgets. We can advise you after receipt of the filled in ‘Car Details Sheet’ and moving details.


Moving a car by sea freight

Several options are possible by moving a car by sea freight:

    • The car can be exclusively loaded and transported by sea freight. This means that the vehicle alone (without other goods) will be loaded into a container and transported. This is usually the most expensive option.
    • The car can be moved together with the furniture in the same container, but it is very important that in advance the volume of the household goods and size of the car is known. A Yellow Move representative can assist you with the estimation.
    • The car can also be moved via Roll-on-Roll-Off (Ro-Ro) services. Not to confuse with the Ro-Ro service between for example Belgium and England. This service is from main port to main port with specialized car-carriers.


Not all main ports accept car-carriers. In general, cars will be transported without any protection and need to be delivered and picked up at the ports by the owner. Once we know the departure and destination locations we can advise you which option will suit you the best.

Moving a car by airfreight

Moving a car via airfreight is the most expensive option. This generally happens for cars with an exorbitant high value, race cars such as Formula 1, war or presidential vehicles which needs to be quickly moved across the globe. Not all airlines accept cars. Therefor it is important to download the ‘Car Details Sheet’ which needs to be filled in and mailed back to Yellow Move together with your wishes. Upon receipt, we will advise you about the possibilities.


General rules of moving a car


All options need special handling and actions which has influence on the price. It is extremely important to evaluate the needs with a corresponding price. Yellow Move movers will always make sure that the car is loaded properly with blocks and braced per the latest safety regulations and that the battery will be disconnected. The car owner has to make sure that there is a minimum of fuel in the tank before transportation.