Household goods moving insurance

Moving insurance? Yellow Move takes care!

To insure the transport of your belongings is often underestimated, but it is an important detail that should be organized. With the knowledge of Yellow Move international movers we help you to arrange this. A relocation insurance is expensive. This due to the dangers that lurks where we, Yellow Move international movers, does not have influence on, how careful we proceed. More reason to make sure the relocation is insured!


No damage can never be guaranteed. A bump in the road, high waves, turbulence, weather influences or a human mistake can be caused. Therefor we advise you to insure a relocation. This will ensure that you are untroubled during the whole move, domestically or internationally.


A moving insurance creates less worries. Damages can be claimed by the insurance company. When you move with Yellow Move movers we will arrange the relocation insurance for you and we will make sure you will be insured well. Yellow Move takes care of you throughout the whole relocation!


Insure your move? Click for request!

To click on the button below you will find the application form for your relocation insurance which can be submitted to Yellow Move. After receipt we will apply for coverage for you.


The application form needs to be printed, completed to your best knowledge and undersigned by the owner of the goods. De undersigned agrees and is aware that incorrect, false information or not undersigning this application causes rejecting of a claim by the insurance company.

Completion of the “application for moving insurance”

By completing and sending the application form for a moving insurance to Yellow Move movers does not mean that the transport of goods is covered. Yellow Move movers will assess the application and submits this to the insurance company. If the insurer wants to insure the goods during transport, Yellow Move movers will confirm this to the signing party. Only then a moving insurance is reached.


By filling out the application moving insurance of Yellow Move international moving, the following should be considered:


  • The application form must be truthfully filled in and signed by the applicant.
  • Goods or objects are not insured if not mentioned on the application.
  • We recommend to send an application minimum 5 days prior to the moving date.
  • All should be completed in Euros including taxes.
  • We recommend to use the replacement values at destination.
  • For each type of transport (road, sea, air) a separate application must be completed.
  • If you wish to insure transport of a vehicle, we also request you to fill in the “car details” form which can be found on the page moving car.
  • Special collections or objects must be clearly mentioned on the application otherwise it is not covered by the insurance.