Will you be the one to strengthen our team?

Yellow Move has the following vacancies


  1. telephone canvasser (part time)
  2. Representative junior and senior (full time)
  3. Handyman / mover (call basis)
  4. Mover / packer (part time / full time / call basis)
  5. Expat for Expat (bonus based)


We do not appreciate acquisition in response to these vacancies.


5 Important Reasons to apply at Yellow Move

  • You are motivated, commercial and have perseverance
  • Working in a small team with big ambitions and aiming to be the best is your passion
  • You speak and write at least perfect Dutch and English
  • You are willing to start at a minimum basic salary where effort and result will lead to extra rewards
  • To pamper people, prudence and ambition are in your genes


5 Major reasons not to apply at Yellow Move

  • You can not stand criticism, don’t want to be denied, don’t take your responsibilities and are not open for changes and / or modifications
  • You do not have a minimum HBO thinking and working level and have no good general knowledge
  • You are not willing to work before or after the normal working hours, to travel, to attend meetings or visit business clubs, etc.
  • You’re not used to work with modern communication appliances
  • You can not present a certificate of good conduct and / or references


5 Important criteria Yellow Move offers

  • Growth opportunities within a small young company with big ambitions
  • A supervisor who knows what is possible within their field with a no-nonsense mentality and clarity, aware that growing a business can only be reached with the best people with the same ambition and drive
  • Complete freedom within a pre-defined work area and / or target
  • Because Yellow Move moves for several international companies, organizations, embassies, consulates and individuals you learn about different cultures and customs and you may regularly work for successful businessmen, athletes, etc.
  • We will teach you all about transportation by air, sea or road. Whether it’s furniture, art or pets, we know everything and are motivated to share knowledge

Vacancy: Telephone canvasser

The telephone canvasser that we have in mind is someone who would like nothing more than collect information by telephone though the Internet sources are also a part of this. Call to get complete accurate information to commit a potential client but also continued calls to purely come to an appointment so that one of our advisors can inform a potential account about the advantages and possibilities of Yellow Move. A good, positive but mostly clear telephone voice is required. As well as the knowledge of modern foreign languages is an advantage. Residential Rijnmond.

Vacancy: Representative junior / senior

Representing is a profession. The empathy for the opportunities of the company is an important element. Needs of potential clients to innovate gauge. The world can be the target group. Although Yellow Move prefers to travel by public transport, possession of a driving license B is required as well as speaking and writing perfect Dutch and English. The potential target group will be chosen in consultation depending on interest, knowledge and experience. Minimum fixed salary with an interesting bonus. Residential Rijnmond.

Vacancy: Handyman / mover

To complement our relocation service, we are looking for a handy man.
We think of an all-round person who has a solution for every problem and is handy with tools. Work will mainly consist of disassembling and assembling furniture, changing plugs and lights, partitions and suspended ceilings, as well as placing metal stucco walls and finishing them. Knowledge of plumbing and electricity is an advantage. One needs to have at least a driving license B.
Salary based on age and experience. Residential Rijnmond.

Vacancy: Mover / packer

For our relocation service, we are looking for strong men who want to work part-time or on call basis. Moving is not difficult and certainly does not need to be extremely heavy. If you move with your brain, very carefully and learn to use tools in the right way then you are already half a mover. The tricks and how to prevent unnecessary damage is what we can teach you. Packing and unpacking valuables is part of our service which you will learn to our standard.


At least speaking and writing Dutch and English is a requirement. Do you speak other foreign languages, do you have a driving license B and are you handy with tools then you can always call for more information.

Vacancy: Expat for expats

For our international relocation service, we are looking for a creative and commercially independent expat who is operating from it’s own place. Globally Dutch expats work and live in a Dutch or English speaking expatriate community, or club, or an American who is joining the American community in Europe, an Englishman in Brussels or a real estate agent in the Cote d’Azur. Subconsciously they often have a wealth of information and contacts where they are not directly do anything with it. They can convert this knowledge into interesting earnings. We are prepared to pay for the cost of clubs, travel, communication and / or to compensate for promotional purposes when it contributes to jobs. In advance we will agree a clear bonus agreement and that there is no obligation back and forth. Attendance at meetings, business clubs, conferences, expatriates (shorts) meetings can contribute to making potential moves. In short, we are willing to pay for each lead, which finishes in a job for Yellow Move.