Moving to France

Moving to France, dreams become reality!

Moving to France is a dream for many people: enjoying the good life in beautiful French cities and regions. The breathtaking landscapes, the relaxed culture and the delicious foods and drinks. In a single word: delight. But of course, a whole scheme of things come with moving to France. In fact: a lot has to be arranged. The documentation, the entries and exits around emigration, a new home, schools and/or universities for your children and (possibly) new work. Fortunately, the movers of Yellow Move have an extensive experience in moving from and to France, and of all the aspects which are involved.


Namely, we are more than just ‘the mover’. We are the relievers of your move to France: we take the full emigration out of your hands, we will arrange subscriptions, insurances and all the documentation around your belongings, and of course we will pack your belongings, and unpack them at the place of destination. Scrolling through our checklist, one and other can already be found on moving. But international moving is still a lot more. What, for example, do you think about moving your car? Luckily, Yellow Move knows what is going to happen due to our over than 30 years of experience in moving around the world. We will inform you in and about all aspects and we will help where needed. Are you ready to move to France? We do!


Various destinations for moving to France

France is your dream too? Moving to France has an extreme variety of offers: the ancient culture, the impressive monuments, the rolling wheat fields, forested hills, snowy mountains, white beaches and clear blue seas. As said, moving to France is a dream of many.


However, these dreams vary widely. Where one moves to France for the Mediterranean climate and to enjoy, the other moves to France for their jobs. There are several moving destinations in France that are very popular; from the Mediterranean to the snowy Alps and the northern industrial cities.


The most popular destinations where Yellow Move regularly moves a client to:

  • Moving to Paris
  • Moving to Bordeaux
  • Moving to Marseille
  • Moving to Nice
  • Moving to Cannes
  • Moving to Monaco
  • Moving to Nancy
  • Moving to Dijon
  • Move to Lyon
  • Moving to the Alps