Moving to the Dutch Caribbean

Moving to the Dutch Caribbean

Many Dutch people move to the Dutch Caribbean annually. The climate, the language, the Caribbean atmosphere, relaxed quality of life, beaches, etc. are reasons why people move to the Dutch Caribbean. With approximately 170,000 inhabitants, Curaçao is the largest island in the Netherlands Antilles, where most of it is moved to. Sint Maarten and Aruba are also very popular by Dutch people. Moving to the Caribbean can be done for everyone’s budget in different ways. So, let us inform you in advance without any obligation, because moving to the Caribbean does not have to be expensive at all.

Emigrating to the Caribbean

Yellow Move regularly moves household goods inventories by sea freight or air freight to various locations in the Caribbean. Moving to the Dutch Caribbean is popular among the Dutch. It should be taken into account that all islands have different import rules and regulations. It is very different whether you are moving to Curaçao or to Jamaica, Barbados or Tortola. This is not only because each island has its own import rules and regulations but also because some islands require specific knowledge regarding the way of transport and preparations. Yellow Move is familiar with all import rules and transport possibilities of all islands, from small to large. If you have plans to move to the Caribbean, let Yellow Move inform you in advance about the possibilities and pitfalls. Yellow Move advises for free and gives free information.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a quote or advice from Yellow Move free of charges?

Yes, a quote or advice from Yellow Move is always free of charges without any obligation.

Can you also find a home?

Yes, Yellow Move has its own relocation department that can search for expats for housing, but can also supervise the employment and residence permit and all other matters related to a relocation.

Do I have to arrange customs clearance matters myself?

No, Yellow Move arranges all customs clearance matters needed to clear goods.


Can I move a vehicle with me?

Yes, Yellow Move moves vehicles in the moving truck, container or as a special transport.

Do you disassemble or assemble furniture?

Yes, Yellow Move disassembles where necessary for transport and/or relocation. All the disassembled will also be reassembled.


Can goods temporarily be stored?

Yes, Yellow Move can store goods for longer or shorter periods. Goods can also be stored before they are sent by sea freight or air freight.

Do you also pack goods?

Yes, Yellow Move can take care of any kind of packing in specially designed boxes and unpacks them again upon request.

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Recently I moved from the Netherlands to Washington DC and a part to Sri Lanka. Everything was perfectly prepared and completely handled according to schedule. Above all, no damage incurred in both transports. Thank you for the good care. Former ambassador of Sri Lanka in the Netherlands.

Despite the management of my relocation in the Netherlands was managed in the Netherlands. I am very satisfied during my relocation from Jakarta to Vancouver Canada. I will certainly use the services of Yellow Move again when there is reason to do so. Mr. H.J.M Meijer.

My move from the South of France to the Netherlands Haarlem went perfectly. Beforehand I was very nervous, but the ladies on the phone at Yellow Move fully supported and helped me where needed. The movers where very friendly and professional. Congrats. Mrs. Kamschuur.

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