Moving to the Netherlands

Moving back to the Netherlands? This is possible with Yellow Move as well!

Moving back to the Netherlands? This is possible with Yellow Move as well!
It’s time. Your period as an expat abroad is done, or you would just like to return to your homeland after you’ve had the joy of several years of a different culture. Moving to the Netherlands is one of the most performed international relocations done by Yellow Move. We know every procedure, every document and every regulation and are happy to arrange your entire move to the Netherlands. Now, that’s careless coming “home” again!


Yellow Move is distinguished by the full service they offer. We will not only carry out the transporting of your belongings, but we will also take your belongings safely in and out at the locations, arrange the documents which are required in international transport, regulate the insurance of the move and other clearance procedures for your belongings. For example, think about the moving of your car. Due to us, you will be completely relieved so you can focus on your work and family. We will arrange everything for you, and around your move! That is Yellow Move.


Moving from abroad to the Netherlands

Most Dutch want to move back to the Netherlands after staying abroad. This is not weird. Their family and friends still live in the Netherlands most of the times, since the Netherlands is one of the most prosperous countries in the world where the society is well organized, thinking of health care, education and security.


Dutch people are fond of traveling and due to our dealer-characters and good knowledge of international languages, there are many Dutch expats abroad. Yellow Move has therefore provided all kinds of international relocations to the Netherlands from various parts of the world.


Most popular removals to the Netherlands:

  • Moving from America to Netherlands
  • Moving from France to Netherlands
  • Moving from England to the Netherlands
  • Moving from Germany to the Netherlands
  • Moving from Singapore to Netherlands
  • Moving from Emirates to Netherlands