Moving to Belgium

Moving, living and working in Belgium

Belgium is different than your current country: land is cheaper and the prices of the houses are lower. Also, arranging a permit to remodel your house is relatively easier in Belgium. Now, it all seems to be simple, but this is unfortunately not the case. You do need, for example, various documents and insurances in order to move to Belgium. In addition, a lot needs to be arranged. Fortunately, Yellow Move has over 30 years of international relocation experience, and knows exactly what is needed and what must be done to make your move to Belgium as good as possible to proceed.


Carefree moving to Belgium with Yellow Move

An international move, such as a relocation to Belgium, can cause concerns considering your move. Our moving checklist already gives a partial insight and helps you to get started, and Yellow Move arranges the rest for you in a jiffy. We know the best local partners, in order to ensure that your belongings arrive safely and complete at your new home. Yellow Moves takes your complete international move to Belgium out of your hands so you can concentrate on other aspects.


Popular destinations to relocate to within Belgium are:

  • Brussels
  • Antwerp
  • Gent
  • Hasselt
  • Luik
  • Oostende